Roger Bellamy Dancer: You Should Know Everything

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Roger Bellamy was a dancer as well as an actor. He was known as an American dancer. He was born in the designated city of Florida that is Port Charlotte in the United States in 1984. Roger started with the profession, of dancing at a very young age. The dancer has performed on various stages and he has worked very hard to gain their name and fame. The great performer named Roger Bellamy died when he was 37 years old.

Basic Details of Roger Bellamy Dancer 

Full Name Roger Bellamy 
Year of Birth 1984
Birth Place Port Charlotte, Florida, United States 
Profession Dancer and Actor 
Live In New York City, United States 
Nationality American 
Popular As Roger Bellamy Dancer 

Since he was a very popular actor and dancer. He has taken part in popular dance shows such as “Dancing with the Stars” and “Strictly Come Dancing“. Once, he did an act on 19 August 2016 in which he killed his partner Bernardo Almonte. His performance was very popular and was also loved by the audience. His all performances left the audience in shock.

Roger Bellamy Dancer’s Career

Roger Bellamy was a very recognised actor and dancer. He has gained a lot of popularity and recognition. Roger Bellamy displayed both his talents and skills in acting and dancing in the Broadway Production which is “Spider-Man: Turn off the Dark”. In 2006, he took part in the Broadway Production of “Tarzan”. In 2022, he left this world at the age of 37. His death evoked the emotions of sorrow and sadness. They paid tribute to him and they also conveyed their heartfelt sympathies to their loved ones.

Some Important Points

  • Roger Bellamy is from the city of Florida in Port Charlotte in the United States.
  • Roger Bellamy came into the world in 1984.
  • He died at the age of 37.
  • Roger Bellamy’s partner’s name was Bernardo Almonte. 
  • Bernardo Almonte is the beloved partner of Roger Bellamy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Who was Roger Bellamy Dancer?

He was an American dancer who was born in the designated city of Florida that is Port Charlotte in 1984.

  1. When was Roger Bellamy Dancer born?

He was born in 1984.

  1. Where was Roger Bellamy born?

Roger Bellamy was born in the United States city of Port Charlotte in Florida.

  1. At what age Roger Bellamy died?

He died at the age of 37.

  1. In which city Roger Bellamy resides?

He resides in the vibrant city of New York.