Apple Gift Card: How to Redeem?

Apple Gift Card

A prepaid card issued by Apple is called an Apple gift card. These cards are generally used to purchase Apple products, movies, and other things from the Apple Store. These cards provide users with a feature to select the amount that they want to give to themselves. The terms and conditions may vary, and the availability of Apple gift cards may also vary because these cards may be based on the users belonging to various countries or regions.

In case, there are any questions regarding these cards, then the user has the option to visit and check Apple’s official website and the user can contact the support team. The support team of the Apple Store will try hard to solve your problem or concerns.

Types of Apple Gift Cards:

Apple offers different types of gift cards to suit various gifting needs:

1. Apple Store Gift Card:

This gift card can only be used to buy physical Apple products, peripherals, and accessories from Apple’s brick-and-mortar stores or online stores. Digital products or services cannot be used with it.

2. Gift Card for the App Store & iTunes:

This gift card can be used to buy games, applications, and other digital products from the App Store, iTunes Store, Apple Music, and other online stores.

3. Apple Music Gift Card:

The Apple Music Gift Card entitles holders to a subscription to Apple Music, the company’s well-known music streaming service, where they can access millions of songs, playlists, and individualized suggestions.

Benefits and Features of Apple Gift Card

Apple gift cards provide various features to Apple users. These are some of the key features and benefits of Apple gift cards. Some of the benefits are:

  • Flexible Denomination 

Apple gift cards are provided to users in various denominations which allow them to select the amount they want to give to themselves.

  • Gifting Become Easy

Apple gift cards provide great gifts for friends and family. Users are allowed to choose the content which they want from Apple’s ecosystem. Users can also provide physical gift cards through email.

  • Family Sharing

If the user uses the feature of family sharing with their Apple ID then the funds from the user’s gift cards can be shared with other members of the family which allow them to access the credit for their purchases also.

  • No Fees

Apple gift cards do not have any fees for the use of this application. The complete value of the card directly goes into purchases or account balances.

  • Convenient

The use of Apple gift cards is a convenient way to add funds to the user’s Apple ID account which helps in making future purchases easy and quick.

  • Security

Apple gift cards eliminate the need to enter the user’s credit card information every time to make a purchase which helps in enhancing security and privacy.

  • Combine Multiple Cards

On the user’s Apple ID account, users can redeem their multiple types of Apple gift cards. This feature allows users that their values will be combined into a single balance which will help in making it easy to manage and use gift card credits efficiently.

How to Redeem Apple Gift Card?

Following steps need to be followed to redeem Apple gift cards:

  • Scratch Off The Card

Users can directly scratch off the label on the back of the card to reveal the redemption code if users have the physical gift card. The code should be included in the email of the user if the user has an email or digital gift card.

  • Open The App Store or iTunes Store

Go to the App Store or iTunes store on iPhone, iPad or iPod.

  • Tap On Your Profile

On the top right corner of the App Store, tap on the user’s profile picture in the iTunes Store. After that, on the bottom tap on “Movies”,  “Music” and then tap on “Account” at the top left corner.

  • Redeem Gift Card Option

Select “Redeem Gift Card or Code” after scrolling down which may be labelled as “Redeem” in some of the cases.

  • Enter The Code

Users need to enter the gift card code and use their cameras to scan the code.

  • Tap “Redeem”

Tap on the “Redeem” button to apply the gift card credit to the user’s Apple ID account after entering the code.

  • Confirmation

If the user’s code is valid then the amount of the gift card will be added to their Apple ID balance and also the user will receive a message of confirmation. 

After the addition of gift card value to the user’s account they are now able to make purchases in iTunes, App Store and on the other Apple platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Are Apple gift cards and iTunes gift cards similar?

Yes, Apple gift cards are the same as iTunes gift cards.

  1. How are Apple gift cards and iTunes gift cards different from each other?

Apple gift cards can be used to purchase Apple items like iPhones, etc. on the Apple Store but iTunes gift cards are used to purchase all the digital content on the iTunes Store like software, music, etc.

  1. Apple gift cards to be used for?

Apple gift cards can be used to purchase goods from the Apple Store, iTunes Store and other services.

  1. For what Apple gift cards cannot be used?

Users cannot use Apple gift cards for buying some other type of gift card.

  1. Can users be asked over the phone to pay for something with Apple gift cards?

This type of thing is termed a scam. Apple gift cards never ask users to pay over the phone for any non-Apple services. These only pay for the things within the Apple Store.